John Harley Game Designer

My Skills

Team-centric and responsive, professional and experienced. Delivers fun games on-time.

Current career focus:

Creative Direction, Game Vision, Collaboration, Game Design, Spec Development, Product Refinement.

Core contributions:

Game design, product flows, interface wireframes, hero and weapons, the user testing process, product evaluation, and quality control. Able to develop either carte blanche designs or work towards a client’s specification.

Versatile and reliable: 

Years of experience working directly with an in-house team, and with remote teams via teleconferencing and virtual presence. Worked within a variety of development methodologies including Agile, Iterative, and Waterfall.

A broad understanding of gameplay genres and platforms, with shipped games in the following genres: Action, Platformers, Casual, Puzzle, Card/Table, First & third person shooters, Racing, Physics sandbox, and Casino Wagering…

….and on many platforms: Xbox360, PS3, Steam/PC, Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, iPhone / iPad, Android, and Flash.