John Harley Game Designer

Mobile & FB

(Soon) Matching-Battler (Working Title) – Android/iOS/Facebook (2016)

A puzzle-battle adventure game. I developed the game design, a complete campaign, developed over 70 missions, defined and tuned the level up mechanics and configured all gameplay tuning, and the unlocking structure.

(Unannounced) Sports Manager (Working Title) – Android/iOS/Facebook (2015)

A casual sports-team management game. Working with the client I developed a game vision, complete design, mockups and wireframes. Together with my team, we created an interactive product map that would allow product investors to take a tour around the product to see how all sections of the game would work together.

(Unreleased) Pop Quiz – Android (2015)

A proof-of-concept notification-based quizzing game, suitable for Smartwatches. I developed the game concept, wireframes, design specification and sample question set.

brainCloud Bombers – Unity (2014)

An arcade-action game to demonstrate the capability of brainCloud to support real-time multiplayer. I developed the game concept & mechanics, and tuned the game. The project can be downloaded from the Unity Asset Store

(Unreleased) Poker-Battler (Working Title) (2014)

A poker-like card-battling adventure game. I developed the game concept, wireframes, design documnentation, a complete campaign, developed over 30 missions, defined the level up mechanics and configured all gameplay tuning, and the unlocking structure.

Zoo Country – iOS (2013)

An animal-nursery “-ville” style game developed by local studio “Fuse Powered”. This product was in peril as the designer on the project departed midway through. Working with the Product Manager, I completed an assessment of what was in place and developed a finished specification that supported the existing content. I oversaw implementation of gameplay to completion and created an Excel-based method to tune and iterate the game economy for long-term player progression. The studio was overjoyed with my work.

Save the Eggies – Facebook/iOS/Playbook (2012)

We decided to create a Facebook puzzle game targeting a broad demographic. The game is a reflex-based matching game with many unlocks earned over the course of player “level ups”. The game has a dual currency system, “energy” mechanic with “gifting”, social leaderboards and consumable boosts.

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(Unanounced) Project “Safari-ville” – Facebook (Summer 2012)

The client wanted to create a Facebook game to compliment charity work for a prestigious Wilderness Habitat in Africa. We developed a complete -ville type game with Habitat and Visitor Center areas. Within the game the player can develop his habitat to attract different animal species and then attract, house, and entertain tourists. A complete tutorial experience with multiple Quests, Achievements and Goals is included.

(Unanounced) Slot Games and Bingo Game – Android/iOS (Spring 2012)

The client wanted to port its Facebook game to Smartphones and Tablets for a Winter 2011 release. Design for this project was very efficient and we painlessly matched up with stakeholder desires well ahead of schedule.

Zoo Toss iOS (Winter 2010)

The client wanted to expand the swiping mechanics from a previous product for a new mobile game with a new theme. I developed the game design, missionset , gameplay tuning, and unlocking structure.

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Jaws & Jaws HD  iOS (Fall 2010)

The client approached us to develop a Harbor Master-style game with the Jaws IP. The game features tracing, swiping and Quick Time Event mechanics, a campaign structure with unlocking metagame, multiple game modes, and online leaderboards. The title was positively reviewed by many press sources.

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Babo Crash iOS/Android (Summer 2010)

A casual match 3 puzzle game with multiple game modes, special powers, and online leaderboards. The title was acclaimed by many press sources, citing addictive play.

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Swarmite: Killer App iOS (Spring 2011)

Working within the client’s IP, an interactive toy was developed which encoruages the player to discover a large number of ways to assassinate “Swarmites”. The game shipped on spec and on schedule.

(Unannounced) Project “Multiplayer BigScreen” – All Mobile Devices (Summer 2010)

Working within the client’s patented technology, I concepted and designed a game which allows large numbers of players with individual smartphones to compete in teams on a shared, giant projected screen in 90 second matches. The client was extremely pleased with the concept and gameplay. The project was expanded with additional modes as a result of the initial success.

Xmas Toss iOS (Fall 2009)

A casual mobile game built to customer specifications on a two week deadline. The game features a mission structure, multiple game modes, and online leaderboards. As a result, the client engaged us for many future projects.

Full Online Casino (2006 – 2007)

Designed an innovative Tournament system which would allow players to compete with each other while using chance driven, single-player games. A game design “template system” which would facilitate the assembly line creation of new slot games. Functionality of a virtual casino floor, where players could interact with other players and join their games.