John Harley Game Designer

Console Games

Cel Damage HD PS4 (2014)

An HD reboot of the cartoon car-combat game I started my career with. I was responsible for evaluating the build and building reports and suspect lists why the indevelopment build feel did not match up with the original product.

World Gone Sour: Xbox360 / Sony PS3/PSN (Winter 2011)

A 2D/3D platfoming game. The game features an unusual miniaturized environment, unique splitting & absorbing gameplay hook, and compelling Boss designs.

Sideway: Sony PSN / PS3 (Fall 2011)

A 2D/3D action-platfoming game with a graffiti theme. The game features an innovative gameplay environment, original art style, and unique “paint powers”.

“Rummy Quest” XBOX360/Steam (Prototype-GDC2010)

An original card game crossing the play of Rummy with the depth of Puzzle Quest and “European” board games. Crafted and designed from the ground up.

Contract Rummy King PC (2010)

Developed to client specifications, this game offered 4-player rummy gameplay with multiple levels of difficulty, a number of game variants, and beautiful graphics.

Babo:Invasion Xbox 360 & PC (Summer 2009)

A 3D action-arcade shooter with extensive offline and online modes. Envisioned and crafted an innovative team map-building mode, dozens of multiplayer maps, all avatar & class parameters, special powers and weapons. The PC game received a number of expansion packs through Summer 2010. Press and fans cite originallity, quality, and depth.

Full Auto 2:Battlelines PS3

A full sequel to the Xbox360 SKU that shipped launch day and date with the PS3. Designed dynamic difficulty system, vehicle damage and terrain physics, developed vehicle handling, breakapart detailing and a new multiplayer game-play mode

Full Auto XBox 360

Deployed rigging process for the cars, converted raw vehicle meshes into cars, rigged all ingame vehicles. Development of vehicle handling. Set up terrain traction  to differentiate driving conditions across surface types

Pariah PS2

A “port plus” of the Xbox Unreal-engine game for the PS2 platform with reworked controls, full weapon rebalance and feature enhancement. Managed onsite user testing and guided user testing at the publisher.

Cel Damage Overdrive PS2

A “port plus” of the Xbox game with a new dynamic difficulty system, stunt and boost mechanics, an all new vehicle hitpoint system, HUD changes, level layout tweaks, and weapon tuning

Cel Damage XBox & Gamecube

The first title to pass through Microsoft TCR & a day-one launch for the Xbox game system. Manager of QA process and bug flow. Directed development of inhouse bug tracking tool. Managed inhouse user testing. Developed hot-list format to target areas for improvement.